Long Beach Penthouse
Timeless style and environmental friendly interior design at its best in this Southern California high-end condominium. We removed and updated all of the original contractor finishes since this condo had not been updated since its construction in the early 90's. The remodeling allowed the homeowners to double their return when they sold it.
Euclid/Ahwatukee Project
An outdated townhome transformed into a masterpiece in a golf course community with modern kitchens and baths.
5331 Scottsdale
This was a typical ranch home that became a modern marvel through a complete renovation. Not only was the floorplan updated but also the exterior design as well.
1102 Phoenix
A historic Phoenix home given a new layout with recycled materials helped the homeowner turn big profits.
15th St. Tempe
Like magic, this home went from a 2 bedroom to a 3 bedroom without adding one square foot of living space! Functionality at its finest.

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